Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation in the UK is currently valued at over £50bn a year, with a 3% growth predicted annually and it’s set to see increasing demand.

It’s seen as a ‘Brexit proof’ investment, as student numbers are all but guaranteed to rise year on year for at least the next decade, from both home and international students.

Even EU student numbers are predicted to be safe, as the government has been pressured to protect student immigration.

Taking on multiple tenants generates a higher rental yield than other properties. Students also make particularly low risk tenants, as you don’t need to rely on them taking in a monthly income, and are likely to be financially backed up by their family.

Turnberry has forged strong partnerships with well-known student operators to ensure its capital deployed in this sector is secure yet opportunistic with excellent growth potential.
Significant investments have been made in some of the most popular student cities including below sites in Manchester and Nottingham.