Turnberry Investment Group is a privately-owned group of companies established in 2008 investing mainly in US & UK Real Estate, now managing a global portfolio of assets in excess of $350m across multiple asset classes including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, hotels, leisure and various development sites.

We continue to seek attractive investment opportunities and look to work with experienced managers to create value and attractive exit opportunities once business plans are achieved. We have also recently launched an internally managed bridging loan lending platform for the UK Real Estate market.

A smaller portion of our portfolio focuses on alternative investments including carefully selected private equity finance and other niche secured lending opportunities.

Investment Strategy

At Turnberry Investment Group we have a unique and robust corporate strategy that focuses on making opportunistic and value-oriented investments in mismanaged and/or undervalued real estate assets as well as investments in corporate entities with substantial underlying real estate value.

Operating predominantly in the UK & US, we focus on identifying and unlocking inherent value through investing in a broad range of deal types usually securing a controlling stake enabling requisite control over the investment outcome.

At Turnberry we have a strong track record of building value through the repositioning, redevelopment and/or intensive management of real estate assets, successfully realising this value upon exit. Our management team’s broad skill-set and extensive experience enables us to understand, invest in and effectively manage corporate, debt-related and other complex or unusual transactions that have real estate as core to their ultimate intrinsic value.